Need An Executive Coach?

Someone who is trusted by global executives in 18 countries and who can measure the outcomes that matter.

Why Great Business Leaders Hire Heiner

Growing Our Managers And Leaders:

  1. Increase our Managers' understanding of why they need to be more relatable
  2. Teach them the value of adapting their leadership styles
  3. Enhance their understanding of EQ and their influencing skills across cultures
  4. Help them improve our KPI’s
  5. Guide our career and succession planning

Someone Who Is An Author And A Blogger;
Someone At Home On Radio;
And Is An Ex Chief Information Officer Of Top Global Corporates

Someone Who Has Coached Hundreds of Executives / Managers In Leadership

This Someone Is Heiner Karst

Founder of International coaching brand, LET’S TALK COACHING

About Heiner

Need Help With Your Managers?

Heiner has 30+ years of corporate executive and change leadership experience with Siemens and SAB Miller in South Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.

In 2016 alone, he worked with over 90 clients, one on one in 24 cities in 18 countries, about a third face to face and the rest using technology, also in German.

The trusted confidant of business executives and business owners.


His coaching art and business experience help you achieve outcomes that matter
Françoise Garnier - Garnier Marketing, member of The Network Of Consulting Professionals

Since 2009 Heiner Has Published Over 300 Blog Posts / Podcasts

You will find relevant insights, and challenges to think differently, in these posts written around each week’s coaching sessions.
Find them easily in these categories

Confident Transitions

Connecting, Influencing

Leadership (Self/Others)

Personal Performance

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